Zewdy Awalom is an up-and-coming young R&B/Hip-Hop artist, with extremely versatile style, headed for stardom in the very near future.

Born in New York City, in the early morning of July 4th, 1990, to an Ethiopian mother and an Eritrean father, Zewdy grew up in Union, New Jersey, where she polished her natural vocal skills, singing with her R&B vocalist/song writer/guitar player father and her sister, using Karaoke machine at home and singing along with the radio. Even at the age of two, she had a perfect pitch and could learn a song after only a couple of takes. At the age of four, she used to amaze visitors at home by playing any tune on the piano by ear.

Soon after that, she started taking private piano and dance lessons, in both of which she excelled. But her heart was totally in singing. In middle school, in addition to singing in choruses and choirs, she participated in her school's production of "The Sound Of Music" where she attracted a lot of attention with her vocal performance. That same year, she entered a talent show, where she sang a Christina Aguilera song, "I turn to you," a performance that was the talk of the town for quite sometime. Both teachers and students told her and her parents that her singing sent chills through their spines and had them crying.

In 2004, at the age of 14, as freshman, she auditioned for her High School's production of the Disney musical "Aida" and landed the leading role. As Aida, Zewdy mesmerized her audiences, night after night, with her clear, mature-sounding, strong and pleasant voice. Folks admittedly kept coming repeatedly for her brilliant vocal performance. In the following year, she played the role of Cosette in the school's production of "Les Miserables".

In the meantime, in addition to singing the National Anthem and other songs at sports events and others, she's been featured on different artists' recordings and has been working on other projects.

Zewdy has participated in many local talent competitions, including shows at her highschool & Top Of The Mic, & has won a number of awards.